Gantsavichy Museum of Local History

Gantsevichi regional local museum is created 01.01.1997. It is open for visitors from 20.10.2002.

In a museum there is one exhibition and four exposition halls. The Nature hall acquaints us with natural landscapes of the Gantsevichy area. Collections of stone and flint axes are stored in the Archeology hall. Materials about Gantsevshchina's social, economic and cultural development of the 1930th years are exhibited at the History hall. A separate exposition is devoted to Jakub Kolas's creativity who began his pedagogical activity in Lyusino in 1902-1904. There is an exposition of arts and crafts, country life and Gantsevshchina's modern history.

Museum funds as of 01.01.2023 total 7847 exhibits (there are 4499 subjects of fixed assets and 3348 ones of scientific supplementary fund) and consist of six collections. Ware, numismatical and photo collections are allocated with quality and completeness. The most valuable exhibits are the wall clock presented personally to Klimenty Krupenich, a master of railway station of Malkovichi, by emperor Alexander III; the iron made in Gantsevichi by artel «4th Five-years period» in 1948; production subjects of window and mirror glass of Julius Stoll’s joint-stock company.

There were 4388 visitors during 2021.

The museum realizes different projects such as «Gantsevshchina's natural heritage», «Gantsevichivedeniye», «The woman and war», «Literary Gantsevishchina», etc.

Within projects there are museum and pedagogical classes, courage lessons, master classes, exhibitions.

It is adjusted cooperation with diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Belarus.